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3 Months Coaching Block

Begin a focused three-month coaching program, crafted for quick, substantial progress and customised to navigate immediate life changes

Desert Sand Dunes

Approach and session contents


Step into a focused 3-month coaching journey with 6 insightful sessions. Begin with a Discovery session to carve out your personalized agenda, paving the way for 5 dedicated sessions that are designed to evoke meaningful transformation. Scheduled bi-weekly, each session is crafted to promote introspection, accountability, and strategic advancement. You'll receive unwavering support, resources for self-reflection through, and bespoke action plans to navigate your path. The final session is a strategic debrief to celebrate your progress and reinforce your continued advancement.

Session Contents

Launch into a 3-month coaching program beginning with a Discovery session to define your focus, followed by 5 strategic sessions aimed at navigating through your current challenges to unlock future potential. We will identify obstacles, equip you with necessary tools, and design steps that align with your core values. Each session concludes with personalised commitments, setting the stage for significant personal and professional advancement, leading to a reflective Completion session to celebrate your journey and look ahead. 

Key features

6 x 1hr Coaching Sessions (Digital)


6 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions, scheduled every two weeks over a three month period. 



Regularly scheduled brief calls or messages to check progress and maintain momentum outside of the regular sessions.

Business hours text/ voice/ e-mail support


Continuous, direct support when you need it, ensuring you stay on track and motivated. 

Personalised Resources and Materials 


Tailored reading lists, worksheets, and exercises that complement the coaching sessions.

Polluted Beach

Pricing and plans

3 Month Block

Paid in full/ Up Front


Automated invoice on purchase date. 

Option 1

Option 2

3 Month Block

Split Payment


Automated invoices on purchase date and 6 weeks after. 

Option 3

3 Month Block

Paid Monthly


Automated invoices on purchase date, then monthly thereafter for a total of 3 months. 

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