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1:1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching is a personalized approach to professional development, offering tailored guidance and support to help you navigate imposter thoughts, quieten that voice in your head thats undermining your instincts, and celebrate your success through focused, private sessions.

5 reasons coaching is for you...


You're fed up of feeling like and imposter in your job. 


You crave feeling like your success is your own and not just luck.  


You face a crossroads and are faced with emotional choices. 


You're combatting burnout and being overwhelmed regularly. 


You know worthiness exists in you but need  help unlocking it.

Beach Sand

Why work 1:1 with me? 

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Online 1:1 Coaching Session with male coachee
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Customised Strategy

My 1:1 coaching provides a bespoke strategy that aligns with your personal strengths and career aspirations, ensuring that the guidance you receive is tailored specifically to you.

Dedicated Attention

With my undivided focus during our sessions, you'll receive in-depth analysis and support that addresses your unique challenges and opportunities within the realm of confidence and self-assurance. 

Sustained Transformation

Our collaborative partnership is designed for deep, lasting change, not just quick fixes, setting the foundation for continuous personal and professional growth.


Choose your coaching path: six-month depth, three-month focus, or single-session flexibility—all tailored to your personal growth journey.


6 Month Block

My 6-month, 12-session coaching package is designed for significant life changes, enabling deeper behavioural transformation and habit development. This extended journey not only provides consistent support but also enhances client accountability, key to impactful change. 


3 Month Block

Optimize your professional path with our 3-month coaching package, a focused 6-session engagement ideal for short-term goals, like reigniting passion in your current role. This flexible, cost-effective option provides targeted support without the need for an extended commitment.


Ad-Hoc Session

Select ad-hoc coaching for flexible support on your schedule. These standalone sessions cater to immediate needs, offering a cost-effective, commitment-free option to complement your personal and professional growth journey whenever you require a strategic insight or motivational boost.

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