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Discover a life without feeling
like an Imposter...

Fed up with feeling like and imposter at work? Tired of that voice in your head undermining you? Imposter syndrome and inner critics are subversive saboteurs that aim to hold you back from personal development and growth.  

Book a free call with me today...

Take the first step towards overcoming imposter syndrome and your inner critic — book a free

30-minute call to rewrite the narrative and start seeing your success from a refreshed perspective.

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1:1 Coaching Sessions

Experience tailored therapeutic coaching, blending psychology and counselling approaches with practical exercises to help dial down those thoughts of inadequacy and unworthiness.

Gain actionable insights for a imposter-free life.

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Not quite ready to commit to 1:1 coaching but are still curious to explore feelings of confusion and conflict with your career. My 'It's Not You, It's Me' course has been designed with your time in mind, offering self-paced learning and reflection to probe deeper into those questions you've been asking yourself about career fulfilment and happiness. 

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Drawing from over 20 years of marketing expertise, I now extend specialized mentoring services to fellow coaches seeking to elevate their market presence. Let's collaborate to refine your marketing strategies, enhance engagement, and achieve the recognition you deserve. Together, we'll build a tailored approach that turns your unique coaching strengths into successful business growth.


What Clients are saying

Megan R.

“Ciarán is an excellent listener and provides invaluable encouragement, thought provoking questions, advice, and accountability to help visualise and attain what you want to achieve.”

Richard F.

“My ability to move through obstacles at work has greatly improved since working with Ciarán. I now better understand some of my behaviours and how I respond to circumstances thanks to his straightforward approach, solid therapy foundation, and practical corporate expertise.”

Emer D.

“Working with Ciarán has been transformational. He has a unique ability to listen and provide practical advice that has helped me achieve my professional goals.”


Career Relationship Coaching Tips

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